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Rajon Rondo Knows When To Hold 'Em

See that stack of orange bills?  That could be yours.
See that stack of orange bills? That could be yours.

Rajon Rondo, for all his brilliance with the basketball, sometimes has trouble keeping it from going to the other team. Enter Ty Lue and a little extra motivation (remember that Rondo is fiercely competitive and brags about things like his Connect Four prowess).

Postgame: No turnovers help Rondo cash in - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

So the Celtics found a unique way to motivate him. "He was really upset at halftime because he had the five turnovers," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "I think he had a bet -- not real money -- with [assistant coach] Ty [Lue] that he’d have zero turnovers in the second half." Sure enough, Rondo played 12 second-half minutes in which he dished out nine assists and did not turn the ball over, presumably allowing him to collect that Monopoly money from Lue. Rondo finished with 15 helpers, extending his streak with double-digit assists to 17 games. The Celtics are 11-6 in that span.

That might just be the most Rajon Rondo thing I've read in a long while. I can just picture Rondo sitting in his locker with a smug look on his face as Lue slaps down the Monopoly bills one by one in mock frustration.

Oh yeah, and 17 games in a row of double digit assists. Good golly.

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