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In Search Of Offense, Celtics Likely To Turn To Paul Pierce

More Truth please
More Truth please

The offense hasn't exactly been a big strength this year and game 1 was no exception.

Movement afoot to improve offense -

Pietrus wasn’t the only offensive no-show. Brandon Bass didn’t attempt a shot in the first half of Game 1, save for a drive that resulted in two free throws, and Bradley had his worst game in a month. But Pietrus won’t start forcing 3-pointers to inject himself into the attack, either. Offensively speaking, he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.

So without Rondo (or Ray Allen) expect the Celtics to rely on their best offensive player even more.

Exit Rondo, Enter Pierce | Boston Celtics Basketball - Celtics news, rumors and analysis -

Now that Rajon Rondo has been suspended for game two, we can all welcome back Paul Pierce, Point Forward. This is not a major crisis, given that Pierce has been successful running the offense during previous Rondo absences. Plus, considering how poorly he shot in game one, the additional touches and responsibility may serve to refocus Pierce on the offensive end and give him more opportunities to create for his teammates.

Pierce has actually done very well without Rajon Rondo in the lineup this year, so that will be an interesting dynamic in this game.

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