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Ray Allen Out For Game 2

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As expected, Ray's sitting out another game and it sounds like it could be more. It's been three weeks since he hit a couple threes in Miami on April 21st and as sore as the ankles sound with the bone spurs, Ray's routine and psyche are taking hits, too.

Allen's injury has him out of control

"It's almost like when you're younger, you just kind of flip and flutter throughout the universe and you think everything is great," Allen said. "When you're young, that's all right because you don't know any better. But when you get older and you've done something for so long - like I look at a clock, I know where I'm supposed to be. Now I look at a clock and I'm just trying to stay out of everybody's way.

"It's tough because when you're out, you want to be there for everybody and you want to be part of the team, but also you stay out of the way because everybody needs to get what they need so they can be ready for the game."

Ray's such a proud athlete and Camerato's interview really captures what must be torture for him. There were reports that he felt slighted by the potential trade to Memphis for O.J. Mayo and a draft pick, but his own body's betrayal must be worse. This is a guy that's been a consummate professional and the model for keeping your body in peak condition at 36.

It's four days until Game 3 in Boston. Let's hope more rest and recovery can put Ray back on the parquet by Friday.

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