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Kevin Garnett Punches Celtics' Ticket To The 2nd Round

The BIG Ticket
The BIG Ticket

I'm hoping that the owner of the Sixers has some bad things to say about Kevin Garnett. Whatever it was that got into KG tonight, I want more of it. 28 points, 14 rebounds, 5 blocks, and a huge, huge go-ahead bucket in the final minute.

Gotta pause to give some real big credit to the Hawks. Lesser teams would have wilted and died under the pressure. Both in game 5 and tonight. But they fought back every time and made runs every time. Two straight dunks in the final minutes is crazy. Thankfully they reverted to what holds them back when Josh Smith tossed up a bad jumpshot right after KG's bucket.

The last few seconds seemed to take hours. From the missed free throw from Ray (what's up with that?) to the out of bounds foul, to the Horford missed free throw, it just dragged on and I was waiting too long to breathe. Thankfully Pierce iced the game with his own free throws and that was it.

Happy to see Paul turn in a solid game. I get the feeling (like any old timer) he's going to have good days and bad days, but he's always the Truth and I'll take my chances with him. When our offense struggles, he's the only one that can consistently find buckets.

One of these days (provided he's healthy) Ray Allen is just going to go off and get that shooting percentage back up to where we know it belongs. Can't wait to see that.

Maybe the KG tutoring sessions are paying off for Hollins because he again earned playing time over Stiemsma. He only scored 2 points but his presence was felt on the court.

Wow, just realized that Rondo only registered 8 assists. That breaks the streak right?

Next up is Philly. I can't even wrap my mind around previewing that just now, but here's one nice thing: We get home court advantage.

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