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The Walking (and Winning) Wounded Celtics

Thanks for the pickup Kev
Thanks for the pickup Kev

Like it or not, the Celtics are old folks. You hear that Kevin Garnett? I'm a "writer" and I'm calling you "old." Feel free to drop 30 points in game one because of that "slight."

Where was I? Oh yes, they are an aged group of players and anyone that has spent time around the elderly can tell you that there are good days and there are bad days. Sure, I'm exaggerating here for effect, but seriously. These guys are my age and I wake up some days like I'm 20 again and some days I wake up feeling like I need a walker. And I don't play professional basketball where people are physically pounding on you game in, game out for 16 years.

So this is what we have to expect from our team. Some nights (like game 3) they are going to look like there's nothing in the world that can beat us. Other nights guys are going to be hurting or tired or limited in some way and you just have to hope that someone else on the team can rise to the occasion.

Last night it was Kevin Garnett (within the flow of the offense - he's quick to remind us) that stepped up his offensive game (and maintained his superb defensive game). Why did he have to do such heavy lifting? Because Ray and Pierce were both hurting. Well, probably hurting "more" than Garnett, as I'm sure the pain from that hip flexor and/or any other of 100 bumps and bruises that we'll never know about must have been there the background as well.

Allen's ankle 'bothered' him in Game 6 - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"(The ankle) bothered more tonight than it had the previous couple games," said Allen. "I didn’t have the confidence on it. Right now, it bothers me, but I have a day (Friday) to deal with it." Might Allen miss a game if the pain lingers? "I never rule myself out," he said. "I think it’s a day-to-day situation for me."

Paul Pierce’s injury identified as sprained MCL - The Boston Globe

"A little tired and sore,’’ Pierce said of his condition after the game. "I played a lot of minutes [40 minutes and 12 seconds], had to guard one of the toughest one-on-one players in the league all night. That’s the nature of this beast. "You’ve got to be ready to bounce back Saturday [against Philadelphia]. One day of play, one day of rest. You know, this is it. We might never have this opportunity again. "This could be our last chance together, so we’re going to give it one last run and then see what happens.’’

Garnett isn't likely to average 28/14 and 5 blocks for the rest of the playoffs, so hopefully those other two guys can get healthy and rested enough to provide KG and Rondo some help.

There will be good days and bad days ahead just as there have been behind. But I'll never count this group out (just don't tell KG that).

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