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Iguodala Lacking Love Due To Lacking Jumper (Sound Familiar?)

Underrated because of this.
Underrated because of this.

The phrase "if he could only shoot" trails behind him everywhere he goes. Never mind the long list of talents that he does posses. He fills up a stat sheet as well as anyone playing his position, ...except maybe that column under points (and truth be told he's no slouch there either). As a bonus he brings excellent defense to the table as well.

He's burdened with expectations that he's supposed to be the franchise player but also has trade rumors pop up twice a year. There are some that believe that he can't be the centerpiece of a Championship team, just a Scottie Pippen like supporting star player.

Why can't people just accept and appreciate him for what he is rather than what he isn't?!

Wait a minute. Who are we talking about here? Rajon Rondo or Andre Iguodala? Well, both really, but right now I'm talking about Iggy.

I'm a long distance admirer of Andre. I'd take him on my team any day and in fact when I have time to play fantasy basketball, he's always an early pick of mine. Maybe he won't ever be an alpha-male leading man franchise player, but I don't care. It is up to the GM to put a guy like that next to him - or at least a few guys that compliment him well enough to win with. He just does so many good things on the court that you don't get from many of the much-loved volume scorers in the league. Yet he doesn't get the props he deserves.

But don't take my word for it. Check out what Liberty Ballers says about his reputation (a must read if you need to get caught up on Iggy's situation in Philly).

Andre Iguodala's Sixers Legacy After Those Free Throws - Liberty Ballers

He ceased to be Andre the Player and had become Andre the Contract. It wasn't about what he could do well, it was about what he couldn't. The Sixers asked him to be the go-to guy. That has never been, nor will it ever be, his strength at any level. But that's what the franchise asked him to do, and he did his best. Fadeaway jumpers, off-balance threes, and late game failed isolations became associated with his play as much as transition passing and stifling defense. Only chicks dig points, not defense. And apparently so do fan bases.

So this is going to be an interesting series for me. The Sixers/Celtics rivalries were just a bit before my time growing up. I like Philly. I like the town. I admired Allen Iverson. I love cheesesteaks. I have respect for the coach and many of the young guys on their roster. But right now they are all the enemy and the goal is to send them packing as soon as possible.

Sorry Iggy, I gotta root against you and hope that the things that people complain about ultimately do you in. Meanwhile, I'll be worried that the things that people overlook will cause us a lot of headaches.

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