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Broken Record: Paul Pierce & Ray Allen Playing Hurt

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We've heard this before: news from Celtics' shootaround today is that two-thirds of the Big Three are dealing with injuries, are game-time decisions, but all expect to play tomorrow. (I really hope Omer Asik is in a Chicago gym right now working on his free throws, by the way.)

What worries me about these updates is that Ray's ankles are "where it was two weeks ago" and Pierce is "wearing a brace on each knee." I'm really surprised Ed Lacerte has resorted to duct tape at this point. With no rest in sight, it becomes tantamount that the Celtics control the pace of this series. The won't be able to run with the Sixers and Doc knows that.

As we get deeper into the playoffs, I think Doc might have to start utilizing the bench a little more and playing Rondo with Marquis, Pietrus, and Pavlovic and using Pierce in the point forward role when Rajon needs a blow. The minutes are clearly piling up on the Big Three and if the Celtics stand any chance of advancing, we're going to need role players to step outside of their roles. Think Nate Robinson and Big Baby when they went all Shrek and Donkey on the Lakers.

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