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No Rest For The Weary: Celtics-Sixers Schedule Announced

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There it is. The Celtics will play every other day until a potential Game 5 where they'll get an extra day to travel back to Boston. This isn't the ideal schedule, but it is what it is. The Heat and Pacers on the other hand will enjoy a two-day break between Games 3 and 4. The series hasn't even started and Doc's already concerned with the team's health after a grueling bar fight with the Hawks:


"It's a challenge because of bodies," Rivers said before Saturday's film session and light shootaround. "The Sixers are pretty healthy, we're not so that's the challenge. Ray is struggling today, Paul is struggling today. That's a challenge. The only advantage we have is we don't have to get on a plane. Our guy can sleep in their beds tonight and tomorrow night and get some rest."

So, while Pierce was tweeting about getting a good night's sleep, some of the Sixers celebrated their upset over the Bulls by going to a strip club. Like George Bernard Shaw said, "youth is wasted on the young."

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