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Buy 2nd Round Celtics Tickets Here via TiqIQ

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Need tickets? Get them here:

More details.

Game 1:

  • Ticket prices for Saturday's game 1 start at $47.
  • There are currently over 180 seats available for $60 or less, all of them located in TiqZone 300's Corner & Baseline. These seats are selling from anywhere between 31% and 51% below market price.
  • In 300's center there are 18 seats available for $70 or less, ranging from 41% to 53% below market value.
  • In the 100's levels prices start at $97, and there are over 100 seats available in the lower levels for $140 or less ranging from 8% to 35% below market price.
  • For those not too worried about price and just want their tickets in their hands as quickly as possible there are 75 instant delivery eTickets available, with prices ranging from $53-$157 per ticket.

Game 2:

  • Prices for game 2 start at $45.
  • Nearly 300 seats are available for less than $60, once again all located in 300's Corner & Baseline.
  • In 300's center there are a handful of seats available for less than $80, ranging from 21% to 41% below market value.
  • 100+ lower level seats available for $150 or less, ranging from 58% to 71% below market value.
  • Very limited amount of eTickets available for game 2, from $124-$168.

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