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Experts Pick Celtics Unanimously: It's A Trap... Series

Don't let up.
Don't let up.

Uh oh. Nothing says "danger Will Robinson" to me like being the favorites. Personally I think they will win, but I don't like the way we always seem to play down to the competition and take teams for granted. So here's hoping the Celtics aren't seeing that all 12 ESPN "experts" are picking the Celtics to win the series.

As a bonus, here's what old friend Greg Payne had to say.

Predictions: Experts unanimous for C's - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Greg Payne: Celtics in 6 Don't expect this to be a fast-paced, run-and-gun kind of series. These are two very disciplined, defensive-oriented teams, and I'm not expecting either team to have an easy time scoring the ball. This will most likely turn into a grind-it-out type of series, and the Celtics have proven they can thrive in those grittier affairs. Ultimately, what will propel the Celtics into the Eastern Conference Finals will be their late-game scoring, assuming Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are able to perform through their respective injuries. While Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala will be viable options for Philly in the closing minutes, if these games stay tight down the stretch, the C's will have a significant edge if Pierce and Allen are fully functioning.

Just don't get too overconfident.

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