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It's Not How You Start... (Celtics Come Back To Take Game 1)


I would like to hand the game ball to whoever found the time machine to use on Kevin Garnett. It is a joy to watch him right now. The Sixers got off to a fast start and the Celtics trailed by as much as 13 points in the first half. But the Celtics tightened up the defense and came all the way back to win the game.

Rajon Rondo might have just turned in one of the worst triple doubles ever. He looked passive, unsure, and downright bad for much of the night. But he's just so good at what he does that he still racked up the assists and he still worked for rebounds and eventually the points came too. Don't get me wrong, there were times when he was brilliant too, and he's a huge reason why we won the game. He just happened to be a big reason why we were down in the first half as well.

Let me put it this way. Rajon simply can't be at the top of his game all the time, because that just wouldn't be fair to the universe.

What more can we say about Kevin Garnett at this point? He looks 7 years younger and he's picking up the slack for any and all his struggling teammates.

Pierce struggled from the floor for much of the game and so did Ray Allen. Not sure how much of that is due to injury but they still managed to find ways to help out.

Let's let this soak in for a moment. The Celtics shot 2-18 (.111) from three point land and STILL won.

Credit the Sixers for hanging in there and hitting back every time the Celtics made a run. They just couldn't handle the 4th quarter defense that the Celtics bring out. I'm hoping that we just saw the Sixers best effort, but somehow I don't think it will be quite that easy.

This one could have gone either way but the Celtics pulled it off as only they can. Game 1 is in the books, Celtics maintained home court advantage, on to the next game.

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