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All Celtics Participate in Morning Shootaround, Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely

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Everybody's expected to play tonight and with none of the players talking to the media after practice, there are no vague updates on Allen's ankles, Pierce's knee, and Avery's shoulder that we can stress over for the next seven hours.

On the other side of the bracket, it looks like Chris Bosh's injury could be serious. Even though technically "game-time decision" and "out indefinitely" mean practically the same thing, Bosh's abdominal strain could have him shelved for the rest of the second round and maybe longer. Manu Ginobili suffered a similar injury during the regular season and missed 15 games. Even if the Heat are still prohibitive favorites to beat the Pacers, Bosh's injury could extend that series a game or two.

If Boston can take care of the Sixers quickly, that means extra days of rest. For example, if Boston could win all their home games, steal a game in Philly, and clinch in Game 5, the series would end next Monday; Game 6 & 7 in the Heat/Pacers series are scheduled for next Thursday and Saturday. That's a lot of ice baths and massages.

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