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Anatomy Of A Celtics Collapse

Help me Obie Wan Scalabrine, you're my only hope.
Help me Obie Wan Scalabrine, you're my only hope.

Apparently I'm completely to blame for the Celtics loss last night. You see, I jinxed them. These things are obviously real. So you better figure out what you were doing on Saturday and do that tomorrow. Then figure out what you were doing on Monday and definitely don't do that.

What did I do to jinx the team? Well, I wrote a quick post called Anatomy of a Sixers Collapse just hours before tipoff on Monday. Bad move Jeff, bad move.

For my penance and repenting, I now present to you the Bill Simmons special, ...the reverse jinx.

How did the Celtics lose? You know, other than the evil refs and a complete inability to put a orange ball through a metal hoop? Well, they did all the things that I thought a veteran team didn't do. For one thing, they let the Sixers take Kevin Garnett (the playoffs MVP thus far) out of the game.

Doc Rivers on WEEI: 'Maybe we weren't a smart team last night' -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"Maybe we weren't a smart team last night or a well-coached team last night," said Rivers. "It was obviously the game plan to go there. We were in transition a lot and never really got into our sets. That happens in games ... they were trapping early, which made us want to move the ball. But not move away from Kevin, and I thought that's what we did. I thought we overreacted to their traps."

Then, our coach, whom I spent much time praising for his clock management (another jinx!) went out and fumbled the closing seconds away.

Why did the Celtics intentionally foul?

"Obviously, if they didn’t have a foul to give we would’ve played the clock out," Rivers said. "My thinking was, it would be a four-second differential. There’s no guarantee you’re going to get the rebound. By the time you rebound it’s probably three seconds, and then they have the foul to give, so they foul and now it’s down to two seconds." The error they was made was in not fouling earlier. The Celtics let 10 seconds burn off the clock before Rivers called for the foul. "That’s the mistake we made," Rivers said

So I am sorry hoop gods wherever you are. I am just a humble blogger. If those that can't do teach, those that can't even teach just blog about it. Forgive me for I have jinxed. Make the bad mojo go please.

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