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Doc: Paul Pierce Is "Clearly Not 100%"


I miss the Truth. If there's one guy that can break a 5 minute scoring drought, it is Paul Pierce. If there's one guy that can grab negative momentum and swing it back in the other direction, it is Paul Pierce. Complain about hero-ball all you want, but when you can't buy a bucket for all the leprechaun's gold, who do you turn to? Paul Pierce.

So when Paul Pierce isn't Paul Pierce, when he isn't The Truth, then what do you do? - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Celtics can’t overlook their task

"You know, I don’t think we have a big margin of error," said the coach. "We knew that coming into this whole playoff run with the bodies we have. We’ve got guys going in and out of games. Paul (Pierce) clearly is not 100 percent. We’re not going to run away from anybody."

Green Street " Elton Brand feels (and sees) Paul Pierce’s pain

"He’s not hurting himself by playing," said Rivers, "but he’s probably not healing either. In other words, while the knee isn’t getting any worse, it’s also not getting any better.

That's not exactly comforting. Hopefully Pierce has a little bit of magic left in him for the rest of the playoffs. And hopefully his teammates can pick up the slack some while he looks for that magic.

Sorry, I just watched the finale of Once Upon A Time and I'm just looking for a storybook ending here.

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