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As Random Rondo Goes, So Goes The Celtics

Random Rondo ready to jam
Random Rondo ready to jam

Don't know why I never thought of this before, but I must say that the word "random" is about as good a word as you can get to describe Rajon Rondo's game. Like a great jazz player jamming with his band, you never know what's coming next and that's part of what makes him so great.

Of course the flipside is that sometimes that randomness comes out flat. Sometimes the band mates or teammates just can't pick up on the groove that he's putting down which makes everyone look bad. Perhaps that's what's going on with Rondo lately. Well, that and the Sixers defense.

Celtics try to strike delicate balance -

The problem — and blessing — is that much has been left to Rondo’s whim. As much as Rivers dislikes when Rondo starts to freelance in what they call "random" mode, improvisation is also what makes the point guard great. "That’s a tough one, and it is every night," Rivers said of trying to find a balance between random and set offense. "I let Rondo do that. I need him to just go play, and we try to figure it out during the game. We need him in random. As much as any guard in the league he needs to be in random at times.

Still, I see Rondo's randomness as an asset so much more often than a liability, regardless of what the critics might say. I fully expect him to listen to his coach, figure out a good balance of set plays and random and when to employ each. I fully expect him to be back to slicing apart defenses and winning games for us. I fully expect him to make sweet, sweet music.

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