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More Praise For Kevin Garnett

Give him a hand.
Give him a hand.

The well deserved praise for Kevin Garnett is starting to flow in.

Behind rejuvenated Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics take control against Philadelphia Sixers - Ian Thomsen -

Who is better than Kevin Garnett? The answer, when the question is framed to Garnett's newfound position, is nobody. Ever since the sidelining of Dwight Howard last month, Garnett has been the best center in the NBA. ... The renewal of Garnett (13 of 17 from the field) is the most inspiring story of these unpredictable playoffs ... Ever since he suffered the 2009 knee injury that arguably cost the Celtics at least one championship, his rivals have enjoyed accusing Garnett of running a deficit in bark over bite. No one can accuse him of failing to back up his talk any longer.

Kevin Garnett on the attack - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Statistics support a hundred ways what is obvious to the naked eye: Garnett has become the epicenter of the Celtics. Starting at center and scoring like an All-Star -- he made 12 of 17 shots on the night -- hasn't kept him from leading an elite defense, rebounding and appointing himself executive in charge of firing everybody up. The Celtics are vastly inferior when Garnett is on the bench.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones that popped out to me.

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