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Random Rajon Rondo Set The Tone

Random Works
Random Works

Chris Webber made a comment that for much of the night it didn't even seem like the Celtics were calling set plays. They were just getting the ball to Rondo and Kevin Garnett and going to work. That sounds to me like Doc let Rajon run the "random" set a lot more. Or perhaps Rondo was being more aggressive and efficient with it so Doc rode the hot streak. Either way, Rondo started the engine to the car that KG ran over the Sixers with.

Rajon Rondo attacks at will -

"I thought he set the tone for us," Rivers said after the Celtics beat the Sixers, 107-91, in last night’s Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. "I thought Rondo was extremely serious in shootaround this morning. I thought he really set the tone for our mental approach and that’s what we need to stay in."

Winners seemed to have triple the fun - The Boston Globe

"I really believe we needed this game,’’ said Rondo, who had 23 points and 14 assists, 13 of those those points coming in the first quarter to keep the Celtics within striking distance, trailing, 33-28, after one. "We had two close games at home and wanted to send a message to them. I’d say we did a pretty good job.’’

Well done. Now go out and do it again.

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