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Pssst: Someone Tell Kevin Garnett That Lavoy Allen Is A KG Stopper

I smell fear.
I smell fear.

I don't know how much better Kevin Garnett can get in these playoffs, but if there was any chance of him getting comfortable and reverting to his ways of over-deferring to his teammates, I hope this serves as some minor motivation for him to say in his "we against the world" mode.

Who has had success defending Kevin Garnett?

Lavoy Allen has been far and away our most effective defender against Kevin Garnett, and the numbers support this. It's also no surprise that the Sixers have outscored the Celtics by 25 points during the 70+ minutes Allen has been on the court and have been outscored by 51 during the 74 or so minutes he's been on the bench.

Of course, part of this is Lavoy's fault. He simply cannot pick up the touch reach-in fouls he picked up during game 3. That game got out of hand after two events happened, in my mind: 1) When Jrue Holiday sat that 8 minute stretch after coming out hot, and 2) When Lavoy Allen picked up his 3rd foul in the second quarter.

Hats off to Lavoy for playing KG reasonably well. And by hats off, I mean both out of respect and out of mourning, because he's going to get killed tonight. (Well, I hope so anyway)