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Epic. Collapse. Celtics Hand Sixers A Win


The Sixers spotted the Celtics 14 points to start the game, looked like they were ready to give up on the game early, got booed off the court at halftime, ...and the Celtics let them win. Unbelievable.

I mean, there were times when the Sixers couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Nothing falling for them, nothing. The Celtics had this game wrapped up with a nice bow and sitting on the proverbial silver platter and it is like they just pushed it to the center of the table and said, "no thanks."

Even with a 15 point halftime lead, it didn't feel like the Celtics were playing very well at all. The lead should have been at least 20 or 25. Then the 3rd quarter happened and nightmares of game 2 came creeping in. Then in the 4th quarter the teams traded baskets for a while until Iggy and the Sixers stuck in the dagger and put this one away.

After being the playoffs MVP, Kevin Garnett just wasn't able to get his shot going tonight - finishing with just 9 points. Pierce did his best to keep us in it with timely 3 pointers and and-1 buckets, but it wasn't enough. Ray Allen hit a 3 pointer (finally) but otherwise was still not a factor. In fact, not to point fingers here, but he was a negative 24 in plus/minus tonight. Of course, you could point the finger at the bench as a unit. Just terrible tonight.

17 turnovers, 17 offensive boards allowed. That's giving the game away.

This one really hurts. Awful, awful, awful.

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