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Ok, Maybe Lavoy Allen Is A Defensive Problem For Garnett

Lavoy Allen, stepping up to the challenge.
Lavoy Allen, stepping up to the challenge.

In the words of that great philosopher Britney Spears, "oops, I did it again." If there is such a thing as jinxing, I've managed to do it twice in this series. I wrote the following yesterday afternoon.

Pssst: Someone Tell Kevin Garnett That Lavoy Allen Is A KG Stopper - CelticsBlog

Hats off to Lavoy for playing KG reasonably well. And by hats off, I mean both out of respect and out of mourning, because he's going to get killed tonight. (Well, I hope so anyway)

Then Lavoy went out and stopped Kevin Garnett again. Or at least he helped a great deal within the Sixers team defense. This is a rookie we are talking about. A guy drafted 50th overall and not someone I'd heard of prior to game 1 of this series. We're getting to know him now though.

Lavoy Allen makes the defensive difference - The Boston Globe

When Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked why Garnett was never very involved in the offense, he said, "Don’t know. I have to go look at that and figure that out.’’ Perhaps he should be looking at Allen. "He’s an amazing guy,’’ Collins said. "There’s never a change with him. He’d be the greatest poker player in the world, because you never know whether it’s going good or bad for him. He is very, very smart.’’ Collins added, "My goal in life is to have one Lavoy Allen day. Just one. Just not give a [expletive] about anything.’’

I suppose if you are going to take on KG as a rookie (or as anyone) then having an unflappable, even keeled demeanor would certainly help. Just ask his best buddy Tim Duncan.

It seems that Lavoy is doing the best job on Garnett defensively this series and one of the only reasons that KG got going in game 3 was because Lavoy got into foul trouble early on.

One can only hope that Doc can get into that film room and find a way to get KG back on track, because we sure could use him. Oh, and it would help if Ray Allen could make a few jumpers as well, but I don't want to ask for too much too soon. I don't want to anger the basketball gods after all.

Both teams played hard. Both teams played hard.