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Appreciating A Vintage Paul Pierce Performance

Well aged wine.
Well aged wine.

It should be no surprise to anyone that Paul Pierce is probably my favorite Celtic ever. So it goes without saying that last night's game was just a joy to behold.

Everything we've come to know and love about the Captain was on full display. His aggressive attacking of the basket. His patented elbow jumper. His spin-splitting-the-double-team move. His rebounding and getting to the line. And even the spontaneous emotional celebration (this time in hilarious fashion with the Tebow on the Hawks center court circle). It was all there to soak in and enjoy.

Paul Pierce channels Tebow after beating Hawks - Yahoo! Sports

Rivers called Pierce "a monster." "It ranks right up there when you factor no Ray, no Rondo," Rivers said. "Literally, the only way we were going to win the game is if Paul played like that. He knew that. So did they. But he still did it. It showed you how special he is."

It is even more sweet to behold because you don't know how many more epic Paul Pierce games he has left in him. Clearly he's not done yet and if anything he's aging like a full bodied Pinot Noir. Which is all the more reason to enjoy every last drop.

Green Street " Paul Pierce writes another chapter in Celtics lore

Pierce has had a number of moments through his storied career, but this one has to rank among his all-time performances. Considering everything that had happened in the last 48 hours and the uncertainty surrounding the team’s future, it’s not a stretch to say that Pierce saved the season, as well as the era that has defined him as a Celtic.

Savor it.

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