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Around The NBA Playoffs: Clips Epic Collapse, Laker Finger Pointing, Etc.

Picture says a 1,000 words.
Picture says a 1,000 words.

I saw the score of the Spurs game in the first half and I was going to thank the Spurs for reminding the world that all teams have bad days and even San Antonio isn't perfect. Instead, I have to settle for thanking the Clippers for reminding us that they are the Clippers and at least we'll never be them.

Clippers' dream season nearing end as Spurs win 96-86 for 3-0 lead - Sam Amick -

By the time the Spurs had roared back from a 24-point deficit to buzzsaw their way to a 96-86 win that all but ended the Clippers' entertaining 2012 campaign, no one could have blamed Olshey or anyone else who's part of this project for not wanting to watch. The same team that pulled off an epic 27-point comeback in Game 1 of the first round against Memphis suffered through the worst kind of symmetry in Game 3 on Saturday, allowing the Spurs to finish what is, according to, the largest end-of-first-quarter deficit ever overcome in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, there's a storied franchise with veterans that have Championship hardware but seem to be ready to exit the playoffs - and it isn't the Celtics (at least not yet). As usual, the Lakers are pointing fingers.

Durant, Westbrook lead Thunder to 3-1 lead over finger-pointing Lakers -

"In the second half what they did was front Andrew," said Bryant, who had 38 points, but only seven in the fourth. "So when they front Andrew, and in the fourth quarter they crowd me, the other guys have got to be more aggressive. Simple as that." It didn't take much prodding to get Bryant to identify who that was. It was the same culprit who, in the third quarter of Game 3, was looking to pass on consecutive trips when Bryant ran plays for him and got him the ball close to the basket. "Pau's got to be more assertive," Bryant said. "He's the guy they're leaving. When he catches the ball, he's looking to pass. He's got to be aggressive. He's got to shoot the ball. He's got to drive the ball to the basket, and he will be the next game."

Same ol' Kobe.

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