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Avery Bradley Is Tougher Than You (Part 118)


As Steve Bulpett points out, there really isn't enough being said about how much pain Avery Bradley is playing through (and playing well through by the way). His shoulder popped out for like the 20th time (or something like that) and Doc was ready to sub him out, but Bradley shot his free throws, at some point the shoulder slipped back in the socket, and he waived Doc off and kept playing for a few minutes.

The temptation would be to let him sit and recover, but the team is getting little from Ray Allen right now and really, really needs Bradley on the floor.

Bradley battles on -

While plus/minus numbers can at times be deceiving because of who is with you on the floor, Bradley’s consistency in this area makes his digits ring true. He is a plus-35 in the series, and that includes Game 2 when the Celts lost by one yet were 18 points ahead in the 20:14 that Bradley was on the court. The Celtics lost by nine on Friday, but they were a plus-12 in Bradley’s 27:24 of playing time.

Of course the problem is, how long can the kid keep it up?

Shoulder keeps Bradley out of practice

"It came out and went right back, which is crazy. It’s a tough thing what he’s going through. A lot of players would not be playing, I’ll say that," Doc Rivers said. "He’s dealing with stuff. It’s just tough. It really is. I swear a lot of people would not be playing and the only reason he is, is because he wants to. I am concerned at some point that he may not be able to anymore. We don’t know what game that is, we don’t know what day he can finish it and we can keep going all the way and he can play and tomorrow could be his last game."

Nails. As in the kid is tough as them.