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Cleaning House In Orlando


The times they are a changing in Orlando. Not only are the coach and general manager out, the superstar looks like he's leaving town as well (despite opting out of free agency for a year).

Dwight Howard wants to be traded by the Orlando Magic, who laid off coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith on Monday.

On the day coach Stan Van Gandy and general manager Otis Smith lost their jobs with the Magic, a source who has spoken with Howard recently said the All-Star center desperately wants to be traded prior to the start of next season. And although the Brooklyn Nets are still considered the frontrunner, "it is not going to be a one-horse race," the source said, listing the Mavericks, Knicks and — to a lesser degree — the Clippers and Lakers as among the destinations that would appeal to Howard.

For complete coverage of the circus going on in Disney World, check out the Orlando Pinstriped Post. They've got tons of details and analysis on everything going on.

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