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Lakers Lose: Thunder Advance to Western Conference Finals

Baby bye, bye, bye.
Baby bye, bye, bye.

It was a good Monday. The Celtics won a solid game 5 and the Lakers exited the playoffs.

Thunder vs Lakers: OKC Closes It Out in Game 5 [Video Highlights] - Welcome to Loud City

The Thunder closed out the Lakers tonight, winning in solid fashion by taking control of the 4th quarter and holding off LA for the win. For much of the game it was a back-and-forth affair, with Kobe Brant reaching way down deep into his reserves to score a game-high 42 points. Kobe's efforts kept LA in a game that was balancing on an edge, because none of the Lakers bigs were much of a factor. The Thunder seized momentum of a taut game late in the 3rd when Russell Westbrook converted two and-1 plays, which helped keep the Thunder lead at six heading into the 4th.

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