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Rondo's Passing Fancy Highlights

Brandon Bass got the headlines last night for the much needed scoring boost he provided, but Rajon Rondo is the guy that keeps delivering the goods to the folks in the right spots. In the pivotal 3rd quarter against Philly, Bass had 18 points making 3 dunks and 3 jump shots and by going a perfect 6 for 6 from the free throw line, . Four of Bass' 6 field goals were assisted by Rondo, with Rondo having a ho-hum total 7 assists for the 3rd qtr.

There were some vintage moments on the Bass-Rondo hook-ups. Check out Rondo's use of Bass' screen to pick-and-roll perfection. He took the screen after a crafty crossover to carve out Andre Iguodola from the action, and then feasted off the spacing that was created to give Bass an easy dunk.

The second Rondo highlight was mentioned in the AP's Jimmy Grolen's game recap. Near the end of the 3rd, Rondo slipped at the free throw line and fell to the floor, but still was able to flip the ball left-handed to Greg Stiemsma for a dunk.

Good stuff leading to good stuffs - that's Rondo at his best.

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