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I Have No Idea What's Going To Happen Tonight (Celtics/Sixers)

Fitting that Pierce starts each game by rolling imaginary dice.
Fitting that Pierce starts each game by rolling imaginary dice.

Predicting sports is a bit like predicting the weather. Nobody can consistently predict the future but you can get at least a pretty good feeling based on recent historical data and reasonable assumptions. And then there's the Celtics.

Will it be an ugly, defensive battle that boils down to execution in the clutch? Or will it be run and gun 20 point blowout? And if so, who will be on the winning side?

The pessimist in me says that this team hasn't figured out how to be consistent. The optimist in me points out that they haven't played their best ball yet and are on the cusp of heading to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The skeptic in me is waiting for the "yeah but." The fanboy in me is just waiting for the game to start so the team can show everyone what's up.

And I have no idea which side of me will be right tonight. And apparently neither does anyone else.

Celtics raise plenty of questions -

While there appears to be no question the Celtics have had the upper hand against the 76ers, one can have absolutely no confidence that they will use that hand to swat Philadelphia out of the series. It remains at least equally likely the C’s will slap themselves silly and give tonight away as they did in the squandering of an 18-point second-half lead in Game 4. The Celtics are the NBA’s box of chocolates, leaving coach Doc Rivers in a continual state of surprise at what comes next. You think you’ve got it bad? He’s got it worse.

Mike Gorman on D&C: ‘I’ve never been around a more unpredictable team’

"I’ve never been around a more unpredictable team. I have no idea what they’re going to do from one quarter to another let alone what they’re going to do from one game to another," Gorman said, adding: "In the 30-plus years that I’ve been [broadcasting], I’m as perplexed by this team as I’ve been by any in terms of how I think they’re going to play. "They could go into Philly tomorrow night and win by 18 or lose by 18, and neither one would surprise me."

Well if Gorman doesn't know, there's no hope for any of us. I say we should just sit back and enjoy the game.

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