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Avery Bradley Doubtful For Game 6

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Avery Bradley traveled with the team to Philadelphia so there was at least a Ray of hope that he'd play (terrible pun intended). The more pressing concern is Ray after tweaking his ankle on Monday. He returned in Game 5, but the mornings after seem to be the toughest tests for #20. For what it's worth, Ray's presence on the floor had the Celtics shooting its highest percentage in Game 5 at 52.2%. The downside? Philly shot its best at 46.8%.

The key in the series has been free throw attempts. In the last three wins, winning teams have averaged 32.3 free throws with the losing team only taking 19. Ray on the floor has opened up driving lanes for Pierce and pick-and-roll space for Rondo and Bass. For what it's worth, Avery's injury forces Doc's hand and doesn't allow him to second guess playing time between Avery and Ray. In a series mired in offensive slumps, having the greatest all-time three-point shooter out there isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Celtics defense is predicated on help anyway so in that respect, having Ray as a threat on the offensive side of the ball has paid off so far.

And if this is truly the last time we see The Big Three play together, there's something romantic about having them all on the court at the same time. I wonder if the Thunder would loan out Perk tonight for old times' sake.

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