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Celtics Cannot Finish, Sixers Force Game 7

Nothing's easy.
Nothing's easy.

This feels like the longest series ever. So many ugly, low scoring, painful to watch games. Once again, with an opportunity to close out a series, the Celtics fail to put a team away. Now they'll go home to Boston to play on Saturday night.

The Celtics had a 3 point lead at halftime and the feeling was similar to what it was in game 5. All they needed to do was score a few buckets and ride that momentum to victory. Instead, they continued to shoot poorly, finishing with just a 33% shooting percentage.

The Sixers didn't fare that much better in the first half (including some odd struggles at the line) but made enough shots to pull away in the 2nd half.

In years past, with the Celtics trailing by 9 you could almost always count on two quick Ray Allen three pointers to get us close enough for a Paul Pierce hero shot. When Ray hit one I started feeling semi-optimistic, but alas the ankles and old legs caught up with him and the 2nd one caromed off the rim.

  • Not one of Rondo's best games either, finishing with just 9 points and 6 assists.
  • The Celtics actually won the rebounding battle 48 - 37 and still lost.
  • 5 points from our bench, all by Pietrus. That's not getting it done.
  • No big night from Brandon Bass tonight, despite Rondo's early efforts to get him involved.
  • We really miss Avery Bradley right now.

Back to Boston where we could see the Celtics will either finally finish off the Sixers. Or we could see the end of the Big 3 era. Oy.

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