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Report: Avery Bradley Is Done For The Season

We miss you already.
We miss you already.

It appears that there will be no cavalry. Avery Bradley, who a year ago was an afterthought at the end of the bench, is now a critical piece of our team that will be sorely missed because he's done for the season.

The Globe gives a less definitive take on the situation, but with much the same conclusion.

Source: Avery Bradley likely done for season -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

The Celtics are not expecting to have Avery Bradley for the rest of the season because of a left shoulder injury. A source close to Bradley told the Globe that it's in the "high 90s" percentile that Bradley will be shut down and will perhaps need surgery.

The Celtics looked old and tired tonight. A fresh pair of legs (even with one arm) would have been welcome. Hopefully the kid gets himself healthy. He was an extremely pleasant surprise this year and appears to have a great future ahead of him, hopefully in Boston for a long time.

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