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Orlando Magic Interested In Doc Rivers

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There's a story floating out there that Orlando would love to bring Doc back to the place where he started his coaching career.

The notion of Shaq as GM

It's the longest of long shots with Doc only just finishing Year 1 of a new five-year, $35 million contract to coach the Celts, but Orlando's thinking there is steeped in sound logic.

They're also interviewing Shaq and have Donnie Walsh on their wish list. Look, the Magic are a mess. They have no coach, no management, and Dwight Howard is reportedly still looking for a trade out of Orlando. If I'm them, I throw out every name in the book and hope Chris Broussard or Peter Vecsey pick up the rumor. I'd knock on every door of every NBA office to see who's available.

I'd also invest money in time machines and check in with Batman to see if he's worked on his post up game.

Doc is a Celtic. He understands what the history is all about and is committed in its future. He has a great relationship with Danny and they're in a great position with the cap space and draft picks to mold this team how they see fit.

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