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Avery Bradley Faces 4 Month Recovery Time From Surgery


Danny Ainge confirmed that Avery Bradley is most likely done for the season.

"I think these reports are accurate -- at least the reports I've read. Someone said it was a 90 percent chance that he's done for the season, and it's looking that way."

I don't know about you, but I've already written off any chance of return for him. He'd be foolish to push his luck any further and risk permanent damage or at least making it much worse.

2012 NBA playoffs -- Boston Celtics SG Avery Bradley could miss playoffs, have surgery - ESPN Boston

The surgery is needed to repair small tears that have compromised the structure of his left shoulder, according to a league source. With surgery unavoidable, Bradley is expected to undergo the procedure as soon as the team determines he's able.

According to the source, Bradley is looking at a four-month recovery process, but the hope is he will be ready in time for training camp in October.

Definitely sad that he's out for the year but getting him back in time for training camp would be great for next year.

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