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Old Celtics Need Rondo To Be A Pace Maker


The Celtics need Rajon Rondo to be a dictator in game 7, not a democrat. It has to be his show for good or bad. He can't just float in random mode for half the night and hope something or someone starts clicking. He has to look for his own shot (the closer to the rim the better) and he has to put people in position to score. But perhaps most importantly, he has to set the pace. Don't take my word for it, listen to Doc.

Celtics must make good use of their time - The Boston Globe

"Basically, we walked the ball up the floor the entire game, so we didn’t get any pace into it. We have to get Rondo running. We keep saying we don’t want Philly to run, but we need to run, and the best way for us is to have a running game offensively and a slowdown game for them at the other end. In the games we’ve won we’ve been able to do that and the games we’ve lost we haven’t been able to do it.

Somewhere Tommy is nodding his head in agreement. "Run, run, run!"

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