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Celtics Shootaround Update: Avery Bradley To Have Surgery Today


The sooner AB gets the work done on his shoulder, the quicker he gets back for next season. The recovery time is estimated to be around four months and that should put him on schedule for the start of training camp. Boston is participating in both the Orlando and Vegas summer leagues and it would have been great to see Avery get some time with what is projected to be a very young team next season with all the draft picks and the current crop of young Celtics, but his development this season already puts him in the driver's seat as next year's starting SG. Get well, kid.

D-Wade gets sent back by Bradley! (via NBA)

It's funny. Watching Avery Bradley gut it out this season and still be so tenacious despite the pain, I'm betting he comes out of surgery today, wakes up, and asks the surgeon what are his chances of suiting up on Monday. I can watch that block on Wade all day; the stuff is great, but what I love about it is how disappointed he is that Battier got the loose ball and hit a three.

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