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Windhorst: The Heat Are Probably Rooting For The Sixers


Brian Windhorst, covers the Heat for ESPN, thinks that the Heat are probably rooting against the Celtics in game 7. (via PBT)

Why Heat are rooting for Sixers in Game 7 - Heat Index Blog - ESPN

But honestly, the Heat will not be rooting for the Celtics on Saturday. It may have less poetry and glamour, but the Heat most likely would much rather see the 76ers pull the upset. It is true that the 76ers are younger, more athletic, deeper and healthier than the Celtics at this point. But the Heat have dominated Philadelphia like no other team in the East over the past two seasons; the two teams have played 12 times, including the first round of last year’s playoffs. Eleven times the Heat have won, including sweeping this season's series 4-0. The Heat haven’t beaten Boston since the first week of the season back in late December in their home opener.

I don't blame them really. I wouldn't want to have to play the Celtics either. And frankly, I was more concerned about the Pacers than the Heat. If we advance we might still yet lose to the Heat, but call me a fanboy if you like, but I like our chances.

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