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Pierce and Allen Reflect On And Look To Game 7

We got this
We got this

All athletes are confident. The Sixers are confident (and young and athletic). But there's just a little something about veterans who've been there and done that before. At the end of the day these are just words and the actions will do all the talking we need, but for the time being, I like the way these guys sound.

Green Street " Paul Pierce on Game 7: ‘I like our chances’

"I like challenges," Pierce said Friday. "I like being in pressure situations. It’s Game 7. I’ve been there before. I understand what it takes and I’m ready for it.

Green Street " Ray Allen: Game 7 ‘just another opportunity to go out and be who we are’

"I think I’ve in that situation many times before where that question has been posed to me so many times. We’ve been so fortunate to do what we’ve done here. It seems like we’ve been ruled out so many times before, so many years before. This is just another opportunity to go out and be who we are. We’re not worried about what’s beyond today. We’re more worried about what we have present day."

Also, it is good to see Ray still has his sense of humor.


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