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Pre-Game 7 Chat With Sixers Blogger

mine! no mine! no mine!
mine! no mine! no mine!

I'm really tired of this series and I'm pretty sick of the Sixers, but I have to admit, I still really like the Sixers bloggers. Including Michael Levin of Liberty Ballers, who once again was kind enough to engage in one last back and forth before game 7. Cheers to them and their fans.

Michael Levin:
Hey so you want to do another one of these back-and-forths for our sites pre-Game 7?

Jeff Clark:
Yeah I'm game for one more. Then I don't want to talk to you for another three months. At least we know this series will be done by Saturday. I think.

I'm offended. OFFENDED!

So. How's it going? Still have your eyesight? I'm down to just a torso from how many appendages this series has forced me to cut off. Makes it a bit harder to blog. Although my nickname Torso Boy finally makes sense.

All still in tact but totally willing to donate any of my appendages to a Celtic in need of a transplant.

Other than that, you know me. I've got my Bill Simmons starter kit of oily rags and lighters. Make it stop Michael. Make the bad men stop.

Melodrama aside, this will finally be behind us and we can cut the bottom out of the peach baskets and return the game of basketball to the modern day.

So, I can't not ask this. Lavoy Allen is a restricted free agent and I have an official mancrush on him now. What's the asking price going to be on that kid?

I feel so bad about Avery Bradley. He's my favorite player between both teams and I'd probably lose an appendage of my own just so he feels better. Shoot.

I can promise you that the Sixers and Celtics will play no more games together in the next 6 months. Promise promise promise. I'm not sure this is basketball though. I've adopted shuffleboard lately.

Regarding Lavoy, I have no idea what'll happen with him. I know they opted to sign him on a one-year deal when they brought him in out of the draft, and they're kicking themselves about it now. He's been terrific, but his upside is still that of a backup big on a decent team, so shelling a ton of money at him doesn't seem smart. But since when has intelligence factored into NBA front offices? Whatevs. I'd love giving him a 3 year, 8 million sort of dealie but I bet somebody offers him the max or something because that's how it goes. But Lavoy for Bradley sounds good to me - you wanna?

What's your excitement level for tomorrow? The Sixers have nothing to lose, so I feel like the pressure is all on your boys. Do you concur?

Yes, all the pressure is on the Celtics... which is exactly where they excel the most. When they are up a game in the series, or say, up 18 or so at halftime, I'm terrified. But backs up against the wall, at home, with a couple of days rest, with the end of the Big 3 era on the line and quite possibly the safety of humankind? Yeah, I'm good.

That's the thing when you have a group of heroes. They don't know what to do with the mundane or the normal. In fact, I just googled "hero complex" and found this definition on Wikipedia: "The hero syndrome is a phenomenon affecting people who seek heroism or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve." Umm, that's the 2012 Boston Celtics in a nutshell. Especially in the postseason.

Prediction: Celtics win by 5, Rondo gets a triple double, KG gets 20 &10, Pierce hits 2 dagger 3's in the 4th quarter, and Ray hits the free throws to ice it. But not before I have to be resuscitated by an EMT at least once.

Oh nuts that sounds convincing. Shoot. Well.

I don't know. Maybe this is one of those cases where the circumstances are so perfect for the Celtics that they'll go the opposite way? Like anti-karma? Or... anti-gravity maybe? This whole thing reeks of iocane powder to me.

If we're getting all predictiony, I'll say Sixers by 3 in spite of another horrible shooting night from Evan Turner. One of Lou Williams/Elton Brand/Thaddeus Young will have at least 23 points. Lavoy Allen's foul trouble is something to watch. The C's keep exploiting his propensity to get whistled, which makes us see more Hawes, which nobody likes. Not even you -- admit it. Anyway, Sixers by 3 in what might be the most insane game of basketball ever played. Final score: 22-19.

Think Boston is already peeking ahead at Miami? Miami/Boston just sounds so DAVIDSTERNish to me. Ugh. Lose just to spite him? Please?

Hmmm. That final score does sound plausible. But only if Rondo gets his triple double with rebounds, blocks, and turnovers.

Believe it or not but there are some fans that think Stern is out to get us. Despite the fact that the C's are ratings gold. I chose to believe that the Celtics don't need any help making life difficult for themselves.

Ok, like this series it is time to wrap this up. For better or worse I hope we do it all again next year. When one of our teams is the defending champs.


If one of our teams in the defending champs, I will cut off my shoulders and mail them to Avery Bradley.

The idea that Stern is out to get the Celtics is maybe the most laughable thing I've ever heard. THEY GET RATINGS. QUICK SOMEBODY LET THE TERRIBLE SIXERS WIN INSTEAD. Internet slap for people who think that way. The players play. The officials official. Sometimes they're not good at it.

Jeffrey, it's been real. Thank you for being you. If you weren't you, I would call you a liar. Sixers Be Crazy. Out.

Umm, thanks? LOL.

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