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Celtics Survive, Advance To Eastern Conference Finals

The Closer
The Closer

I'll do my best to wrap up this series with this recap, but when I'm done I'd like to ask that you never make me talk about it ever again. To say this series was ugly would be an insult to the word ugly. But all that matters is the fact that the Celtics are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals again. Survive and advance, survive and advance.

Nothing makes sense anymore. We'll start there. Pierce fouls out and Rajon Rondo becomes the closer? Ray Allen can't buy a bucket all night but hits 2 critical 3 pointers? I don't care. I'll take it.

  • Rondo was mostly quiet the whole night but kept plugging and plugging and when his team needed him the most, he exploded and finished with a triple double. Of course he did. Random Rondo.
  • Through 3 quarters Kevin Garnett was the MVP. He played killer defense, rebounded, and scored. He just did not let this team lose.
  • Ray was oh-fer-forever from 3 point land, looking hesitant, and just not looking like the Ray that we all know and love. But Doc stuck with him and he delivered. That's huge headed into the next series.
  • Huge, huge respect to the Sixers that never let themselves get knocked out until the very, very end. Like a zombie they just kept getting up and coming back for more. Celtics finally delivered the double tap and ended it.

Bring on Miami.

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