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Chris Bosh Still "Indefinite" For Eastern Conference Finals


So, the Celtics have been banged up and hurt for a while now. But you could make the case that they are in the Eastern Conference Finals in part because Derrick Rose got hurt. If the Celtics make it back to the Finals, it might have a little to do with the fact that Chris Bosh is hurt.

LeBron James faces a familiar foe in Boston Celtics -

Good luck finding any Heat player shedding a tear about the Celtics’ injury woes. Guard Avery Bradley (shoulder) is out for the season, while Allen has battled bone spurs in his ankles recently. "No excuses," Wade said. "Not getting into it. We don’t have Chris Bosh."

2012 NBA playoffs -- Miami Heat prepare for Eastern Conference finals as if Chris Bosh won't be available - ESPN

The Miami Heat will prepare for the Eastern Conference finals as if forward Chris Bosh won't be available for the series, coach Erik Spoelstra said Saturday. "He's doing a little bit more, [but] he's still indefinite," Spoelstra said of Bosh. "For me, it's my responsibility right now to prepare this team without him. If and when we get to a point when he starts to emerge into the picture, we'll gladly deal with that. For our mental state of health -- and I'd love to [get] Chris -- but our preparation is without him."

Bonus Link: Bosh might not play (and it's not necessarily a good thing) -

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