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Beating The Heat Starts With Limiting The Big 2

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Peter May goes against the ESPN grain and astoundingly picks the Celtics to beat the Heat. One of the reasons he gives is that the Heat have nobody to guard Rondo and Garnett. That is very true. But you could say the same about the Celtics guarding James and Wade. Well, maybe and maybe not.

2012 NBA Playoffs -- Don't count Boston Celtics out vs. Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals - ESPN Boston

OK, so who is going to guard Dwyane Wade and LeBron? The short answer is anyone and everyone. You have to think Doc Rivers finally is going to utilize both Marquis Daniels and Sasha Pavlovic in this series. He has to, if for no other reason than to give Wade and James a different look. Don't forget Mickael Pietrus, either. While he continues to struggle offensively, he can defend. None of the above is going to stop these guys, but they are all capable of at least getting in their way. And don't be surprised to see the Celtics go to a zone defense. It has worked before against Miami.

One of my main reasons for optimism is this: The Celtics are experts at taking away what another team does best. The Heat are very one dimensional - they rely on their two stars to get them points. They are going to get points, no doubt about it, but the Celtics are going to (as a team) make that harder on them than other teams might.

If the Celtics can execute on offense, maybe, just maybe, the defense can frustrate and flummox Wade and James long enough to get the wins.

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