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Celtics' Non-Stars Need To Step Up

Can they step up and do some flexin' on the court?
Can they step up and do some flexin' on the court?
All eyes will rightfully be on the Big 4, but in any series, you need someone else to step up as well.

Five keys to Celtics-Heat matchup -

It is a given that at least three of the Celtic All-Stars must have big games in this series (if Ray Allen can simply hold the fort, especially on defense, he’ll be making a huge contribution). Paul Pierce [stats], Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo will need others to make plays. Brandon Bass will get a lot of good looks, and he must loosen the Heat defense up by hitting jumpers, but it will be most critical for Keyon Dooling and Mickael Pietrus to come up large. The latter must have a strong series on defense, and he has to rediscover his offensive mojo. It seemed to be back on occasion against the 76ers, but it has to be there versus the Heat.

In the last series, Brandon Bass came up with one huge third quarter that won us a game. Counting on anything more than inspirational speeches and occasional hustle plays from Dooling might be stretching things, but one can always hope. I am hoping that the two headed monster of Pietrus and Marquis Daniels can give us some good minutes this series. Or who knows, maybe Stiemsma's feet will let him have a step-up game or perhaps Ryan Hollis will have a moment or two to shine.

And of course, if nothing else, we can hope to see lots of "flexin'" from the bench crew.

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