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Celtics Fail To Execute, Heat Take Game 1

Way too easy.
Way too easy.

A lot of people are going to want to make excuses for this game. Not me.

So the refs called a few ticky-tac technicals. So what? The Heat missed 2 of those free throws (ball don't lie).

So the Celtics are banged up. Chris Bosh. Enough said.

The Celtics lost this game because the Heat executed and the Celtics did not. The Heat made baskets, the Celtics did not.

Even the Celtics trademark defense let them down tonight. Letting Wade waltz into the lane for an uncontested layup is inexcusable. Letting James beat everyone up the court for a cherrypick bucket is terrible. I get that you have to help and respect James and Wade, but leaving Mike Miller and James Jones wide, wide, wide open is a good way to lose.

And on offense, well, excluding the 2nd quarter where they hit a few 3 pointers, what was there to like? Spoelstra said he got sick watching game tape of the Celtics executing their sets. He must have had a happy buzz watching this game.

Bottom line, the Celtics have to do a lot better than that. Otherwise the Heat will prove that they are the better team right now.

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