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No Ball Movement Means No Offense For Celtics

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Far be it for me to presume that anyone would listen to what I have to say about the Celtics offense. I've reminded you time and again that I'm no scout or coach. However, it doesn't take a scout or a coach to see that the Boston Celtics need to move the ball on offense to be successful.

Some teams can get by for stretches with one-on-one or relying on their first or second options every time down the court. Not the Celtics and certainly not against the Heat.

Rondo can't be slow to get into his sets. Pierce can't catch and wait for the play to develop. Bass can't be a black hole. The ball has to move like a hot potato. It has to fly around the horn like a baseball drill. The offense needs to execute and look for open shots.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to Doc. In fact, I'm hoping the team does too.

Supporting cast never showed up - The Boston Globe

"I thought our offense was rushed,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. "I never thought we ever got into our rhythm as far as getting one side of the floor to the other, second and third options.’’

On Rondo...

"He's got to be better in attack,'' Rivers said. "I thought the second quarter he was attacking and attacking. I thought he was reading a lot instead of playing on his instincts. You can't read and play at speed at the same time.''

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