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Lockout Kings; The Spurs Are Still Perfect

Still plugging away.  Not old, experienced.
Still plugging away. Not old, experienced.

The last time there was a lockout, the Spurs won the title. This year they have yet to lose a game in the playoffs and last lost a game in April. J.A. Adande wonders if anyone can stop them.

Daily Dime - ESPN

They can win six games. In a row. A clean sweep through the playoffs and to the top of the NBA history books. No NBA team has ever gone undefeated in the postseason. Perhaps no other team has been blessed with such a perfect alignment: a well-balanced squad that won't see a team properly equipped to beat it.

On the other side of the Western Conference ledger, the Thunder are hoping for a big comeback, starting with game 3.

First Cup: Wednesday - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

If the Spurs win that one, and the series is all over but the shouting. (There's plenty of sentiment that it already is.) Oklahoma City will have to live with its fate of completing another postseason master's-level course taught by a champion. But win Game 3, and there's a series. And an answer to what passes for a Scott Brooks rallying cry.

I'm rooting for the Thunder because I like them, but if we lose and the Thunder lose, I won't have any problem rooting for the Spurs.

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