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Doc: Celtics Problems Are Fixable

Well, you COULD have gotten 50 points.
Well, you COULD have gotten 50 points.

Doc sounds a lot more optimistic than most fans today.

Doc Rivers says Celtics are 'encouraged' after Game 2 effort -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"We played very hard like I said in the press conference last night. But there were times when we didn't play smart on our defensive rotations. I thought there were a lot of things that we did that we shouldn't have done and we should have been in spots to prevent some of the drives late in the game. I thought our transition (defense) at times broke down with our discipline, so as well as we played offensively and at times as well as we played defensively, I just thought there were a lot of things guys will see on film that they won't be happy with. That's a good thing too because they are very fixable."

Of course, what else is he going to say? "Nope, we played about as well as we could and still couldn't beat them. We should just pack it up and go home for the summer." No, he's going to look for the positives on a night when his team is feeling down.

If the team had showed up with a half-hearted effort, that would have required a different kind of attitude. But they gave it their all, so the only thing he can fix is some mental lapses and execution issues. Hopefully that will be enough for a few wins in Boston.