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An Ugly, Confusing, and Ultimately Satisfying Win

Messed around and got a triple double.
Messed around and got a triple double.

Ugly ugly ugly. It took overtime to break 80 points. There are some games where you get great defense. Some nights it is just bad offense. Then other nights it is just being unlucky. Tonight was a perfect storm of all three.

A play in overtime was a microcosm of the entire game: Rondo stole the ball, was running the other way with a clear path to the hoop, slipped or took a misstep, and somehow blew the layup.

The Celtics should have won this game by 20 but let the Hawks hang around and hang around. In the 2nd half the Celtics had an 11 point lead and it felt like 20. Then all of a sudden the game was tied and headed to overtime.

And of course, it happened on an offensive rebound put-back dunk for a team that was historically bad at offensive rebounds. Nothing makes sense anymore. But at the end of the day, all that matters is getting the win.

  • Rondo got his triple double. You knew that was coming.
  • A lot of minutes for Ray Allen fresh off an ankle injury. Hope he's alright tomorrow morning.
  • Avery Bradley left with some kind of shoulder injury and didn't return. More details as they become available. Update: Dislocated shoulder. Will be re-evaluated Saturday.
  • It was turn back the clock night as Tracy McGrady played like it was 5 years ago. Even Dampier got 2 dunks in.
  • Credit Joe Johnson for almost coming up with a Paul Pierce type game and nearly willing his team to victory.
  • That Teague kid can play. Respect.
  • Kevin Garnett is never "quiet," but that was a sneaky 20 points and 13 rebounds from him. Well, except for the last play. That was awesome.
  • Next!