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Celtics Big 3 Are Tired, But Still Winning

Find these guys a few nice soft beds.
Find these guys a few nice soft beds.

It's a good thing that the playoffs allow for time off between games, because the Celtics are pretty wiped out at this point; especially the Big Three. Here are a few quick peeks into their lives after the games are over.

He’s a ‘Ticket’ to ride - The Boston Globe

All that Garnett did was score 20 points, pull down 13 rebounds, block 4 shots, and come up with a steal in an effort so draining that he spent almost as much time after the game with showers, massages, and other treatments, all part of the Fountain of Youth formula Garnett has been using the past few years. "He was terrific,’’ said Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who was forced to use Garnett for more minutes in more crucial situations as the Hawks wiped out an 11-point deficit in the final quarter and sent the game into overtime.

Green Street " Ray Allen: ‘I wasn’t holding anything back’

"Now it’s achy," Allen said after the game. "It feels like it’s just mad at me a little bit. So, I’ve been here before. It seems like I have all these safeguards in place. When I get home, I know exactly what I need to do. I have my contraptions to make sure I’m able to go to sleep well and get up in the morning and get my treatment. So, I’m in a good place.

Pierce: No sleep 'til offseason - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Just three days after tweeting about the need for a bed in the aftermath of a 44-minute outing in Game 2 (in which he registered 36 points and 14 rebounds), Pierce was forced to go for 47 minutes in Friday's 90-84 overtime victory in Game 3.

Hopefully they are all relaxing on the couch somewhere today, getting mentally prepared for the next game.

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