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Josh Smith Likely To Play Game 4


Looks like Josh Smith will at least try to play in the next game. We'll see if he can actually go and if he does, how effective he can be.

Josh Smith misses Game 3 for Atlanta Hawks - The Boston Globe

Smith did say that if his knee improves the way it did between Games 2 and 3, there’s a chance he could play Sunday in Game 4. "I felt pretty good until I started exploding up to the basket,’’ Smith said. "That’s where the pain really starts to generate, when I become explosive with it. But as far as running and cutting and everything else, it feels OK.’’

Smith suffered the injury when he banged into Kevin Garnett in Game 2. The Hawks had originally announced that it was a strained tendon, but Smith referred to it on Friday as tendinitis or "jumper's knee.''

Any team is dangerous in the playoffs, but when you take away Horford, Smith, and Zaza Pachulia, they become a lot less so. Which makes it all that much more frustrating that they couldn't put Atlanta away in regulation, but oh well.

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