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Rajon Rondo Makes History (Again)

Love it when he snatches a rebound.
Love it when he snatches a rebound.

Ho hum, another record for Rajon Rondo.

Rondo etches name in NBA record book - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Rondo became the first player in NBA history with at least 17 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists and four steals in a playoff game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Elias also tells us he’s the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double in a playoff game after missing his team’s previous game. Rondo triple-doubles equal Celtics wins. In Rondo’s 20 career triple-doubles (13 in the regular season, seven in the playoffs), the Celtics have a 19-1 record. The lone loss came to the Chicago Bulls in the first round in 2009.

He's just such a unique and versatile player that he's going to have some pretty amazing stats and records. I'm tempted to compare him to Rodman in that he's just so UN-like every other player that it almost makes sense for him to have some interesting records. But Rodman was very one dimensional (well, 2 if you count defense), so the comparison doesn't really hold up well. Which is kinda the point. Rondo is one of a kind.

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