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If Celtics Advance, Who Would You Rather Face In 2nd Round?

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I realize that this whole post has the horse on the wrong side of the cart, but I'm doing what I can to caveat it as much as possible. IF the Celtics advance (I can hope but I don't want to assume) they will either face the first seeded Bulls without Derrick Rose and perhaps Joakim Noah or the 8th seeded Sixers. Philly now has a one game lead but there's a lot of games left before anyone reaches the 2nd round.

I think we're pretty familiar with the Bulls at this point. They are still dangerous with their depth and defense, but you can only win for so long without your best players. So what about the Sixers?

Sixers fans can dream again after unlikely Game 3 playoff win over Chicago

No one’s calling these Sixers great. They’re undersized, not a particularly good shooting team and their pattern all year has been if they don’t win going away, then they lose. Prior to this, an astounding 29 of their 36 victories — including Tuesday’s 109-92 rout of the Bulls — had been by double figures. By contrast ,they’d pulled out only five games by five or less points. But to have a chance in the playoffs — where the games grind to a halt offensively, where each possession becomes more and more crucial as the pressure mounts, where the whistles are often silent even as play becomes more physical, you have to learn to win the close ones. This night the Sixers did.

So, who would you rather face? And as a bonus question, who do you think will advance?

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